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Jay Ebby East Invites The PM To Witness A ‘Real Deal’

Indie rock musician, Jay Ebby East has taken Brexit into his own hands by sending a letter to Theresa May inviting her to come and discover how a real deal is signed. The ‘She’s Alive With Magic’ singer sent the invitation letter addressed to the prime minister after news broke out that Brexit was going to be delayed to allow ministers a longer period to put together a deal.

Moreover, Jay who is to accept a mega record deal for his upcoming album is expected to sign his deal outside of Westminster to demonstrate how a deal should be finalised. Furthermore, with the calamity in which Theresa May now faces, he may have just thrown the PM some salvation here by offering her some advice in the final hour right on her doorstop.

Jay recently commented on the situation and said “The U.K is getting fed up of Brexit talks and I believe the public will find it refreshing to see a proper deal taking place with no delay’s, I have invited the PM to witness it because I think it will do her the world of good”.


Jay Ebby East Reinvents A Classic With ‘On My Own’

Colchester based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jay Ebby East, has released his latest single ‘On My Own’. Originally performed by Richard Ashcroft, it is a track that perfectly compliments Jay’s 90s driven musical style.

Jay Ebby East was brought up in a musical family, with his dad also an avid musician. After 10 years of developing his tongue lyrically and performing alongside some of the biggest names in the 90s rave scene, he turned to rock ‘n’ roll. In 2016, with a sound heavily influenced by artists like Oasis, Neil Young and Richard Ashcroft, Jay began writing and recording his album ‘The 4th Dimension’ and in 2017 he released his single ‘On The Other Side’, which has racked up over forty-two thousand views on YouTube.

Originally released in 1995 by The Verve, Jay’s new single, ‘On My Own’, captures his signature sound with great style. His vocal delivery is a perfect fit to the song, it’s smooth and controlled, yet still has that little bit of rock ‘n’ roll grit, which really gives the track it’s emotion.

Jay Ebby East’s twist on this classic makes for a fitting new single from the artist who is already causing waves with his 90s rock sound. 


Jay Ebby East Proves Guitar Music Is Still Alive With Latest Single

Colchester based musician Jay Ebby East has released yet another anthem with his latest single ‘She’s Alive with Magic’.

The single which is already becoming a favourite at Football Stadiums up and down the U.K is precisely what the music industry has been asking for, for many years. The track is confirmation that guitar music is not dead and is in fact still live and kicking.

Jay Ebby East is currently preparing for his huge home town stadium concert in 2018, the show will also see many other big names performing and we can guarantee that Jays new track will be a bit hit on the night.

‘She’s Alive with Magic’ is exactly what you would expect from a musician of this quality with sharp guitar riffs and a vocal melody which will leave you hooked.

The song is available to download and stream on Spotify and iTunes and you can find out more about the single as well as viewing the official video by visiting 


Jay Ebby East Has Delivered Yet Another Anthem

City Skies is the second single to be released by Colchester musician Jay Ebby East and it is everything you would expect from an artist of this quality.

The song boasts a powerful vocal, catchy chorus’s and a guitar line which can only be described as anthemic. Jay likes to do it his own way and the uniqueness of this track proves that he is not afraid to stay well away from the status quo.

Jay who recently signed a 3 album deal with London based record company Global Sound Group said ‘No one including my record label expected the success we got from the first single, it is incredible’.

‘It has been a little while since I last released a track but I know it was definitely worth the wait, you will love it’.

Jay undoubtedly knows how to write a killer track and this was evidently noticed by his label Global Sound Group. James Dyble of Global Sound Group said ‘I discovered Jay in 2016 and I knew he would become a big name, I kept a close eye on him and once I saw the hype generating for ‘On The Other Side’ I knew we had to sign him’,

He went on to say ‘Jays debut single went onto be played on lots of radio stations up and down the U.K with an estimated reach of more than 1 million people within the first month or two of release’.

City skies is tipped to be a big success over the coming months and if you have not heard it yet, we highly recommend doing so.


Fan Claims Jay Ebby East Is The New 'OASIS'

Indie rock and roll never died because Jay Ebby East has kept the rock and roll train on track with his debut single ‘On The Other Side’. This is a single in which the music industry has been waiting to hear for many years, its sharp, exciting and edgy and leaves you wanting to listen again. 

We recently asked Jay if he expected this reaction from his debut, he said ‘It is absolutely incredible that the fans have given me such a good response to a debut, I cannot thank them enough for making this dream a reality. I have always had a deep feeling inside me that good music will always find its home.’

‘I got sick of everyone slating the music industry and bringing it down, I wanted to make a change and this is why I have released this record, my band is the best thing to come into the industry for many years and it is time for my music to take over the world, we are excited to sail with it’.

Jay is onto big things and industry professionals have already picked up on the release with many stating this musician is going to be big name in 2017. His band Jay and the busker hounds have just announced a show at the Colchester football stadium for the 16th March 2018 and with them already brewing up a storm in the east of England, it is clear to see this musician means business!


Jay Ebby East Releases Stand Out Debut ‘On The Other Side’

There must be something in the water over in Colchester, Essex. First we had Damon Alban and now we have Jay Ebby East. Jay is the latest name in indie rock and roll to release a new single and he has released a killer with ‘On The Other Side’. The single is reminiscent of Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft and it keeps you hooked throughout. 

Jay who teamed up with producer Daniel James Rutter who recently performed at the after party for Noel Gallagher high flying birds said ‘I am very excited with the release of my new single ‘On The Other Side’, it was a pleasure working alongside Daniel James Rutter and I hope everybody enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it’.

The partnership between Jay and Daniel saw them complete the album ‘Runaway’ which includes the single ‘On The Other Side’ which was written for a close friend.

‘On The Other Side’ is set for worldwide release on the 19th March 2017 and is currently available to pre order on iTunes.