Jay Ebby East is a signed singer/ guitarist ,record producer and songwriter residing from the city of Colchester in England. He was brought up in a musical family with his dad who also a keen musician. With a music style reminiscent to Oasis, Neil Young and Richard Ashcroft it is evident in Jay’s music that he has been influenced by this generation of rock. However it has not always being rock and roll for Jay having spent 10 years rapping and devoloping his tounge lyrically in the 90s rave scene and performing with some of the biggest artists this world as produced.

In 2016 Jay began working with producer Daniel James Rutter who has previously performed at a Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds show as well as performing at the 02 arena and the Royal Albert hall in London. The partnership has lead to a new album which is one of the purest rock and roll records this side of the generation. With many influences, the album will be out later this year. Jay has had vast coverage for his music on national radio, newspapers and other radio stations throughout the world. He has carried out many interviews for the BBC. Also he has had his music played in premiership football stadiums as well as gaining national media coverage. To top it all off, he was tipped as a genius by Fender.